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New u.s. passport For Adults

How to apply for a New U.S. Passport for Adults (over the age of 18)


Complete and print the passport application online at the Department of State.

Do not sign the Form!

Department of State's passport portal.



You may also obtain your photos from a organization familiar with passport photo requirements such as Walgreens, CVS, or FedEx Kinko's

Proof of U.S. Citizenship

Agency Delivery

Execution Fee

Passport Agency Deputy is required to charge an execution fee of $25.00 and should be paid separately from the Passport Agency fees.

Execution fee $25


The Passport Agency Deputy will collect all of the above documents, witness you
signing your passport application and place into an envelope that will be sealed by the

Do not open this envelope once sealed as it will void your application.

Sealed Documents

Get your sealed envelope back from the Passport Agency Deputy.

Inform the clerk you will forward the sealed envelope to an expedited service provider for processing.

Almost Done!

Make sure you have the following:


Stop by our office in Dallas (Plano), TX or you may mail your documents to us. Call us to use our Expedited Service and use our FedEx Service to ship your documents overnight.

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